Montessori Inspired Activities for Infants and Toddlers

1. Containers and Lids 

You can collect a bunch of empty containers with lids to work with. The children are trying to match up the lid to the correct container and also they might put some of the smaller containers inside the bigger ones. 

2. Inspired Scent Jars 

The scent jars help to develop the sense of smell, which facilitates memory learning. We know that the brain connects smells to memories! You simply find empty jars and fill them with three very distinct smells – lemon, basil, and lavender. 

3. Study of the Colour 

We start with Toddlers by studying the primary colours – red, yellow, and blue. We find items at home in particular colour and collect them together in a basket or container. Then, we collect objects in other colour. 

4. My Hand 

Drawing a hand by placing your hand on a paper and then tracing the area around your hand on a piece of paper with different colours. You can also try to make a pattern with hands! 

5. Hide-n-Seek Game 

You can hide an object in the room and ask your child to find it. The closer the child is to the object, you say ‘warm’. 

6. Tool Match Up 

Collect some items from home which you feel are safe for your child and draw them on a paper. The child needs to match the object with the outline. 

7. Rice Sensory Bowl 

You create your sensory bin/jar filled with white rice and interesting colourful creatures/objects inside. The children have fun throwing the rice inside and then finding the creatures/objects hidden within. 

8. Food Preparation and Cooking Inspiration 

Simple chopping and cutting a banana, an apple; grating cinnamon, carrot, and/or cheese. You can prepare fruit salad or use the prepared food for later use. 

9. Read a Book 

Try to add facial expressions while reading, change the tone of your voice when reading different phrases, play with voice and encourage your child to copy your sounds. 

10. Experiments with Colourful Slime 

Experiment with different colours and add fun items like glitter and beads! You can also use this as a sensory experiment for kids that need tactile and visual stimulation. 

How to Make Colourful Slime 

  • Pour 12 ounces of glue into a container to mix your slime in. 
  • Add 1 1/2 tablespoons of baking soda. Mix together. 
  • Add drops of washable glitter paint. This won’t stain your hand like food colouring will! Mix together again. You can even add more glitter if you’d like. It says inside the slime! 
  • Add 2 tablespoons of saline solution. 
  • Mix the saline solution into your slime until it starts to form together 

11. Salt dough 

Prepare a glass of flour, a glass of table salt and half a glass of water. Mix up everything. If you have food dyes at home, you can also paint them. Salt mass will be colourful. I make shapes out of her. 


  • 12 oz of liquid white glue 
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons Baking Soda 
  • 2 tablespoons of contact lens saline solution (or more, add as needed) 

Additional items: Storage container/dish pan, washable paint, glitter, gems, beads. 

12. Making Paper Flowers 

Prepare paper, a stick, glue. Wrap a green paper with a stick. Cut circles from the bark paper and make flowers from them. Glue to the green stalk. 

13. Painting 

You need coloured paints and a piece of paper. Your child can paint whatever they want. This will be their creative invention. 

14. Making Dough or Cookies 

Choose a recipe for cookies or a cake. Prepare all the ingredients so that your child can help in preparation. They can mix ingredients, add, pour in. The best fun is when the child can mix everything with his hands and develops his fine motor skills. 

15. Vege Chips 

Prepare the vegetables that your child likes best. They can chop them. Your child will be happy when they prepare a snack for himself. 

16. Sorting of Coloured Blocks 

You need coloured blocks or buttons. The child matches these items in terms of colour or shape. It’s fun. 

17. Jewellery 

Preparation of a necklace or bracelet made of string and pasta. For this you need a tube (or smaller) pasta, string and needle. This exercise improves fine motor skills. If you have paint in your home, you can paint pasta. Then your necklace will be colourful. 

18. Sensory Bottle 

You need a bottle with a screw cap, water, dishwashing liquid and beans. When everything is in the bottle, stir very hard and you will notice that it forms a small tornado. 

19. Cress Sowing 

You need watercress, bowl, swabs and water for this project. Place the bowl upside down, put the cotton balls soaked before and sow the cress. And your child can do the second dish. It will be great to watch watercress grow when you water it. 

20. Dancing with Music 

For this idea you only need the music that your child will choose. Maybe you can find some moves for her. It will be great fun. Good luck! 

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