Casa dei Bambini and Montessori Toddler School Campus are resuming stationary classes.

 Dear Parents and Guardians, 

As you already know, Casa dei Bambini (Warsaw and Izabelin Campuses), Montessori Toddler School Campus and the Tatrzańska Campus are resuming stationary classes on Wednesday, 6 May. 

We ensure that we are fully prepared for the opening of the kindergarten, ready to teach and provide childcare services in compliance with all precautionary measures while maintaining the highest safety and hygiene standards. 

We have prepared special face masks for our children as according to guidelines of the Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Health and the State Sanitary Inspectorate children over 4 years of age should be provided with personal nose and mouth covers on the way to / and from kindergarten. In the kindergarten there is no requirement to wear masks. 

Teachers, assistants and other staff will be dressed in gowns, they will have face shields and disposable gloves. They will also be equipped with hand disinfectants, sprays for washing and disinfecting surfaces. 

Bringing the child to / picking up from the kindergarten 

When you arrive to the kindergarten, please stay outside the gate. In order to reduce the number of visits to the building to the necessary minimum, you will be asked to leave the child with a trusted member of the kindergarten staff. Only kindergarten teachers and staff will be allowed to enter the kindergarten area. Before a child walks through the gate, the child’s temperature will be taken. We call for your social responsibility. We will be consistent in this respect as we have in mind children’s and teachers’ safety. 

A teacher / employee will pick your child and take the child to the hand wash station, then disinfect the shoes on a disinfection mat and then walk the child to the classroom. 

• Children arrival and departure times will be recorded in the attendance lists by a kindergarten employee. 

• If a child arrives on a scooter or bicycle, we will pick the vehicle, disinfect it and put it in a designated place. 

• When you bring your child to the kindergarten and notice that there are parents waiting outside, please be socially responsible and keep a distance from one another. 

• Each group will enter their classrooms using a separate entrance. 

• We kindly request that you do not ask grandparents, elderly people, carers aged 60 and above to bring children to the kindergarten or pick them up. 

Kindergarten activities 

• Classes will be organized as normal, the children will stay in their classrooms. 

• Each group will use the playground at a different time. The groups will not mix. The structures in the playground will be sanitized each time after the children have left it. 

• After school classes will be run by lead teachers / assistants in the classrooms or in the playground. We limit the number of people to a lead teacher and an assistant for every group. Toilets and washrooms will be sanitized each time after a child uses them. 

• The classrooms will be regularly aired. 

• The preschool, the equipment inside, the materials (both inside as outside the building) will be regularly sanitized. 

• Children taking part in after school activities will remain in their groups until the end of the day. 

Breakfast and Lunch 

Parents will not be allowed to prepare snacks until further notice. Our Fast and Healthy kitchen will prepare all meals. 

• Breakfast – 10 PLN 

• Soup – 8 PLN 

• Main Course – 8 PLN 

• Full lunch (soup + main course) – 15 PLN 

Information for Parents – an extract from the guidelines of the State Sanitary Inspection and the Ministry of Health on April 29, 2020 

Dear Parent and Guardian, 

In order to ensure proper childcare in the facility, give the Director all relevant information about the child’s health. 

If your child is 4 years of age or older, provide the child with a personal nose and mouth cover on the way to and from the facility. 

• Only healthy children are allowed in the facility – without any symptoms. 

• Do not bring your child to kindergarten if someone stays at home in quarantine or isolation. In that situation all you have to stay at home and follow the advice of medical services and your doctor. 

Explain to your child that unnecessary objects or toys must not be brought to the kindergarten. 

Regularly remind your child about the basic rules of hygiene. 

Emphasize that the child should avoid touching his/her eyes, nose and mouth, wash hands frequently with soap and water and not shake hands while greeting others. Show your child how to cover the face when coughing or sneezing. Remember that you also should follow the above rules because the child learns by observing good examples. 

If you have any questions, you can contact us by e-mail or call us at +48 692 099 134

Małgosia Tarnowska 

Founder and Owner 

Warsaw Montessori Family 

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